Protocol Laboratories LLC develops, publishes and distributes educational and training materials providing education and training for tomorrow. Protocol Laboratories LLC is comprised of educators including teachers, therapists, PhDs, entertainment industry professionals, and world class programming experts, most of whom are parents. Participation from families and students is regularly invited. We research and develop cutting edge team building and personal interaction programs to increase language use, problem solving, and team work results in school and in life.

Be Cool Wiz social skills, team building, life skills, after school program, and special needs curriculum including project supplements for team building with math, science, language arts and social studies is a Protocol Laboratories LLC publication (click here to see author and advisor/contributors).

Partners and Collaborators:

Math, Science, World History, Reading, Editing & Revising Curriculum
MySatori LLC with Teacher Created Resources Inc. and Queue Workbooks (Queue Inc.)

MySatori LLC operates jointly with its parent company, Sleek Corporation, a Texas-based company founded in 1993, specializing in tutorial solutions and lifelong learning. Staff members work for both companies, and include people who are talented in a variety of areas and who are involved in creating and supporting the programs and materials that students and teachers in Texas, Florida, and an increasing number of other states across the nation, and now globe, use throughout the school year.