For Schools:  School Curriculum with Be Cool Wiz Team Building, Social Skills, Life Skills activities and projects

*  All courses also sold separately & Be Cool Wiz TeamBuilding Activities includes the project supplement exclusively for schools

For PreK:  PreK Version of Be Cool Wiz TeamBuilding, Social Skills, Life Skills activities

For Home Schools:  Home School Version of Be Cool Wiz TeamBuilding, Social Skills, Life Skills activities



Be Cool Wiz Social Skill and Team Building School Version annual price for unlimited licenses of K-12 customizing ages levels for the school $1500:


Sleek STAAR Bundle Plus Gr. 1-8 Curriculum with team building projects for each subject in addition to the interactive team building activities, separate student, teacher/therapist, and administrative accesses, automated standards alignment reporting, performance by item reporting, classroom and school management, and customized school, class, instructor/teacher/therapist and student identification.

1 Yr 25 Nameless Lab Licenses(Reg. $1500 Be Cool Wiz Team Building Activities & Projects;Save $500Pay $4,999

1 Year Unlimited Licenses for an Entire School 


3 Yrs 25 Nameless Lab Licenses for price of 2 Promo (Reg: One year $15,000, for 3; Save $5,000 ) Pay $9,999   

3 Years Unlimited Licenses Save $13,000  Reg $30,000 Now $17,000   

For PreSchools, Day Cares or PreK: SchoolsBeCoolWiz PreSchool (PreK, Day Care) with customized school and student identification, and automated printable reports and supplements which change from time to time and are updated3 yrs get one free Save on:    

1 year Unlimited licenses/preK school REGULARLY $800/year NOW $400/year for NAEYC until Nov. 8, 2014

3 yrs Unlimited licenses/preK  save $800 – reg $2400 for price of 3

Pay $1600    

PreK Bible Version Regular $800/year NOW $400 / year until NOv. 8 fpr NAEYC

For Home Schools:

Home School Be Cool Wiz Social Skills, Life Skills, Teamwork Sills Activities with student identification, automated printable reports, and printable supplements which change from time to time and are updated

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