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Give your homeschool children an advantage in life with social skills & life skills !GroupA+

CBTTeam              Let children learn in FUN, playful, color, animated Be Cool Wiz ACTIVITIES with music, sound effects, output_YntPpu, male + female voices & humor!  All in a turn-key program! 

52 sets of about 7 interactive, mini sit-coms with optional endings! In English & Spanish!activitiesfam

* Includes not only please and thank you, but assertiveness without being pushy & teamwork! Time Limited Offer                                                                                             Only $25 / 3 year license (Normally $25 / year) Click here to Buy Now

      Versions for ages 5-8, 9-13 and 14+

Driver’s courses train to navigate roads. Be Cool Wiz trains to navigate social situations, team work, and life!  Social Skills and Teamwork Resource for Homeschoolers

Help children sail through life with confidence and poise!

Learn / Refresh Your Social Skills & Life Skills 

 Reminders and awareness activities keep us at our best!